Live Events

It’s people who make your Live Events happen

The thing that links a great live event with an amazing experience for the audience is the people behind the production. There’s more to Live Events than just the lights, the sound, the stage set, the special effects. A powerful live event always starts as an idea in someone’s head. 

It’s all about creating an experience within the event space and ensuring that every aspect of your event is underpinned by strong, relevant objectives delivered in an inspiring and motivational style.

Mindset Comms - Live EventsCollaboration is our lifeblood – our role is to bring your vision to life using the latest technology, creativity, strategy and decades of premium experience and insight. Always focused on your ROI, we work together with you to determine your live event needs and creatively tailor an overall strategy and execution that works for you and your audience.

Mindset aims to change the way your audience feels about your brand by making them part of every moment. We believe that whatever your key messages and goals may be, your audience needs to feel engaged, connected, valued and heard. We work hard with our clients to capture their “human stories” and to bring them to life both on stage and through video.

Key live event services include:

• Concept creation
• Audience research
• Change management / leadership / employee engagement / culture change workshops
• Agenda creation
• Logo design and theme creation
• Delegate packs / signage / banners
• Post-event communication training programmes
• Venue sourcing, booking and liaison
• Delegate travel
• Crew and technical equipment provision
• Production of all visual collateral (screen, print and online)
• Scriptwriting
• Team building activities
• Logistics (for both crew and equipment)
• Guest speaker and entertainment sourcing
• Stage set and exhibition design
• Pre-event marketing and post-event follow up using digital and traditional channels
• Showcalling
• H & S and risk assessment planning

Some of the clients we have worked with over the years