You Have 3 Physical Brains! Head, Heart and Gut

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Did you know that you don’t just have one brain but three?

Let me elaborate… neuroscience has now shown that we have neural networks in our heart as well as in our gut. What is most exciting about this is that whilst perhaps, by definition, our heart and gut brains don’t have a consciousness, like the head brain does, they can still “think” for themselves in one sense, plus they have the ability to hold onto memories.

If you think about it, where do you most feel it when you have a break up? In the heart? Then when you just know that something is right or wrong, you tend to feel it in your gut. You may even find yourself saying ‘my gut is telling me it’s the right thing to do’. When this happens, this is simply your other two brains at work.

There’s an exciting new set of techniques which have emerged that can help you align your 3 brains; head, heart and gut. In doing so it can help you in making much clearer decisions….and that can lead to a more aligned life as a whole.

We have summarised what we mean by this in the following video. In this video we even talk about how memories can be stored inside organs.

In fact there have been documented cases where recipients of donor organs start reliving the memories of the person from whom they had received the heart. In one particular case, which is unbelievably tragic and sad because it involved a child being killed, the recipient of the donor-heart started reliving the memories of the deceased 10 year old with such clarity that the police were able to use the information to track down the killer.

So thanks to the memories stored inside the heart, the killer was caught and they were punished for their horrific crimes. Without getting too emotional about this story, (being a father myself), to me that feels good, assuming that the killer may have thought that they had got away with it. They were caught and punished by something that was beyond their control. A memory.

mBraining: What’s this?

If you want to learn more, here is a fantastic book which not only explains the theory, but also gives a huge amount of incredibly powerful strategies to align your three brains:
mBraining MBraining: Using your Multiple Brains to do Cool Stuff

Here is the mBraining website. Well done Grant and Marvin, I’m a big fan. Your work is fantastic!

Open your Eyes

I also wanted to highlight another point with this blog and show you how we set out to engage our audience. So rather than just filming a “talking head” with no visual support, we tried to connect at a deeper level with our audience by using a visual metaphor. So we went out, bought the fantastic Hasbro Classic Operation Game and started filming. After watching this video we hope that the metaphor may have triggered a memory in your own head, if you are familiar with the game, and that the use of a visual metaphor has made this video more memorable.

Perhaps the next time you have a corporate message to get across I hope our example above inspires you to tell your own story in a less prescriptive and ‘corporate’ way and that perhaps you might be inspired to think of your own visual metaphor.

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