Using Humour In Video

Lash extensions, using humour in video

Using Humour in Video

We had great fun filming a series of three short, creative films for one of our clients who wanted to create a quirky, entertaining and amusing look into the world of eyelash extensions for her business.

We took the client’s storyboard, sat as a team and worked out how to get through the filming schedule, working in a tight space and having her friends as actresses, who were slightly nervous on the day but did a great job. We hope we put them at ease during the shoot.

We’re pleased with the result and feel really proud that we were able to give the client, who is a sole trader, a result that she is really happy with whilst working to an extremely tight budget. Thanks to our cinema camera (Canon C300 Mk2) which is lightweight and portable, it was the perfect piece of equipment for a shoot like this with limited time. We had to film 3 scenarios in one day and the camera performed brilliantly.

We’d like to think that it shows how we can work with small companies as well as major multinationals.

Is life better in lashes? Watch the first of the three films and you decide…