Welcome to the new look Mindset Communications!


We are so pleased to unveil the new branding and corporate ID for the agency. Mindset was started in 2003 and as our new website will testify, we had a vision to do things differently.

After 11 busy, creative and happy years, we have reached that milestone that is corporately known as ‘the rebrand’. Whilst we remain passionate and dedicated to live events and video and we continue to up our game in responding to our clients’ needs, we felt it was time to reflect what we do in a new image.

We think of it as updating and evolving the brand – not changing it. When we first started out, live events made up most of our offering, with a focus on the strategic and content element. However, as we have seen an ever-continuing evolution in technology and its application, as well as the massive growth in social media, we have educated ourselves and responded accordingly and we are now justifiably proud of the Content Marketing and Video Production strings we have added to our bow.

We work in a dynamic, exciting and ever-changing industry in which we want to thrive and excel. We hope that our new brand reflects our passion, enthusiasm and sense of fun whilst reiterating our professionalism and experience in the live event and communications sector.

Knowing where to start was the hard bit – thankfully we worked alongside an old associate and colleague from years ago, Shona Gow, a massively gifted creative designer who was on our wavelength from the outset.

Shona decided to focus on the M of Mindset, using three interwoven colour layers to reflect the three main service facets that we offer and the way we often interlace all three services into one, in any given project.

So there you have it – we are looking forward to putting the new look Mindset brand ‘out there’ and hearing what you think!