5 Top Reasons for Holding your Next Conference Abroad

Before reaching for the map of the UK in search for your next conference destination, I would urge you to stop and look further afield. You could find yourself thrown into a whole new world.

When looking for your next conference location you’ll no doubt have a host of questions. Where will the delegates be travelling from within the UK? Is there a logical geographical area that will suit the majority of attendees? Does the venue need to have the wow factor?

In my experience, for annual company-wide conferences, more often than not, a high percentage of the delegates will need to travel quite some distance anyways. A head office might be based in the south east but have equal numbers of sales teams as Head-Office staff based throughout the UK. So surely a midlands based venue would prove to be a reasonable choice?

I beg to differ… with air and rail travel becoming increasingly cost effective and accessible, it’s the perfect time to explore the options that lie beyond British waters and take your conference abroad.

Destinations will depend greatly on the duration of the conference but without getting country-specific at this stage, here’s 5 top reasons for holding your next conference abroad.

Morocco as a conference destination

  1. Reward – Holding a UK based company’s conference oversees sends out quite a clear message that your employer values you, recognises you and wants to reward you.
  2. Cost Efficiency – this will depend on which countries you are looking at, but arguably your budget will stretch further abroad even after flights are paid for. The world is becoming an increasingly smaller place and venues overseas are doing what they can in order to attract UK business visitors. Your bargaining power is strong when it comes to cost negotiation at hotels, restaurants and attractions.
  3. A Fresh Perspective – It’s time away from your daily grind and comfort zone, a whole new environment and a break from routine. Delegates often come back with a fresh viewpoint and full of energy and motivation to resume work on a high note with really positive energy.
  4. Embracing New Experiences and Cultures – this is going to put you in the right frame of mind to embrace the few days ahead with positivity and optimism.
  5. Unique Team Bonding Opportunities – it’s a different dynamic experiencing new things with work colleagues and it can really work to form strong relationships in the workplace going forward.

Long after the conference is over, your delegates will still be talking about bob-sleighing in Helsinki, hot air ballooning over the Atlas Mountains, sharing a braai in Cape Town, wine tasting in Saint Emillion or finding their Hygge in Copenhagen.


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