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Mindset Comms - E-learning: Online learning puts you in control

Here at Mindset Communications, we’ve been busy developing a number of video-based e-learning courses designed to help you improve your video and presentation skills. Using video can make for a much more engaging learning experience; dramatically improving upon more traditional text and image-based learning. With video, you get a much more personal experience, making it much easier to connect with the material.

Surprisingly, video doesn’t feature that often in a lot of e-learning courses, usually due to the perceived high cost. High quality filming and editing does require a big time and skill investment, luckily something we have in abundance here (if we do say so ourselves).

In the coming weeks and months we’re going to be releasing the first of our e-learning courses. The first couple of topics we’re going to cover are:

– Presenting with confidence. A course for people who feel they lack the skills and/or confidence to speak well in public.

– How to make amazing marketing videos in the YouTube age. This course aims to help small business owners and marketing executives alike, who want to learn how to create great, objective-driven video content that won’t erode their bottom line.

Both of these courses should be live in the next few months, and later in the year we’ll be starting a new course all about ‘What Makes Great Customer Service’.

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