Increasing Staff Collaboration Through Leadership Training Workshops – Our Next Event

Mindset Comms - Increasing Staff Collaboration Through Leadership Training Events

We’re about to roll out two management workshops later this month for a client, which we’re massively looking forward to.

We love these events as they allow us to make a real difference to the client company as opposed to the events of yesteryear, i.e. those conferences from a while back that had an agenda full of presenter-after-presenter on stage delivering a multitude of PowerPoint slides, reviewing the past year in the morning and looking ahead to the future in the afternoon.


At these workshops the format is simple. We have a hugely talented facilitator, Chris, who has worked with a plethora of big name companies over the years and, using iPad minis and a rather clever purpose-built app, we’re setting out to release the energy and ideas within the room, with the help of Chris and a highly collaborative audience, and to capture all the data using the iPads. This in itself provides us with a digital blueprint of ideas, literally the moment the event finishes.


After the event the managers will cascade the information and the enthusiasm to the rest of the workforce using a post-event toolkit that we’ve created. And that means that over 20,000 people will benefit from the event, despite most of them not being there on the day itself. And that provides an enormous return on investment. It’s a simple case of “train the trainer” thus meaning that the investment in the event is massively offset by an increase in productivity and buy-in organisation-wide.


We’ve run these types of events a number of times before and they only just bloomin’ work!!!! And brilliantly at that. But what we love is their simplicity. All they do, realistically, is to release the latent potential of the people attending. After all, they’re the ones with the company knowledge, not us, the Production Agency.

If you’re intrigued by how we go about this process, why not give us a call?? We’d love to show you how we do it.