Introducing the Team at Mindset: Amy Fowler

Amy in office

Here is the next in our Meet the Team series, where we introduce the people at Mindset – both the full time employees and Directors as well as the talented and carefully chosen freelance team, all of whom work together on any given project to deliver the best result possible.

This week we are very pleased to introduce Amy. We can’t help but think that it was fate that brought Amy into a shared office we were using temporarily, as the timing could not have been more perfect. Mindset was on a mission to rebrand, refresh and become really media savvy as we embarked on an exiting new look and take on lots of new clients for a range of projects. Amy’s enviable knowledge has been a steep but invaluable learning curve for all of us here at Mindset.

Name: Amy Fowler

Job: Internet Marketing Buff

Then: Amy has been working as a marketing consultant through her own company, Siren Digital, for 18 months. In a previous life Amy DJed under the name Siren, which is where the company name comes from! She holds a marketing qualification from the IDM and has worked with small businesses in all kinds of industries, helping them get to grips with social media and their presence on the Internet.

Now: Amy is being kept very busy handling all our social media, so if you Tweet us or connect with us on LinkedIn or Instagram, it’s Amy you’ll be chatting to! She’s loving working with us at Mindset due to the sheer variety of projects we take on and different clients we work with – every day is different!

Strengths: Helping people in their hour of techy need and saving many a computer screen from assault.

Weaknesses: Coffee tequila, and anything pickled.

Favourite saying: ‘Everything happens for a reason.’