Introducing the team at Mindset: Nik Moore

Mindset Communications Ltd - Meet the Team at Mindset: Nik Moore

In the third installment of Meet the Team at Mindset Communications, we are going to find out a little bit more about the Creative Director and founder of the agency.

Name: Nik Moore

Job: Creative Director and Founder of Mindset Communications Ltd

Then: Nik has been producing live events and corporate videos for over 15 years and has hundreds of projects under his belt, which has impressively stayed on the same notch throughout, despite a lot of very good food onsite all around the world (give or take!)!

Now: In an ever-changing industry, where budgets have ebbed and flowed over the last two decades, Nik remains passionate, dedicated and flexible to a client’s needs.

What he says:

‘Whilst the project management and general organisation of a live event is indeed a major part of our role, for us this is the easier part of the equation.

‘Where we excel is in our understanding of group psychology in pursuance of actually achieving pre-determined goals set out in partnership with our clients. In other words, we don’t just organise a conference where everything works on the day, and goes without a hitch, we also actually achieve results and Return on Investment from the event by working on a much more strategic and cerebral level.

‘A number of factors are often used to make sure we achieve this – and this in the main comes from solid client relationships and the genuine desire to deliver the best solution that we possibly can.’

High spots: Nik also insists on regular off site team meetings…which nearly always involve public houses and a glass or two of fermented grapes or hops….and absolutely always in the name of selflessly keeping the team happy!

Not-so-high spots: As a highly creative individual, Nik would admit to putting any admin duties to the bottom of his To Do pile each day. Cleverly though, he has chosen to surround himself with highly organized people that keep the machine well oiled and efficient!

Little known facts: Nik is fluent in three languages (not including gibberish) and although born in Stockport, Cheshire, he considers himself to be a true Scot and can recite every line from Braveheart.