Webinar on how to make truly effective videos

Many moons ago I used to lecture for The Events Academy. A great bunch of talented Producers who started an Events Management Training Company. Sadly my diary didn’t allow for me to keep lecturing and since that day I’ve always missed teaching the subject.

However I’ve stayed in touch over the years and was honoured when they asked me to host a Webinar for some of their students as a one-off.

The Webinar’s topic was how to truly get results from your event video.

In a nutshell the answer is to make the video as human as you can make it. Remembering that, as human beings, we buy through emotions and not through logic. This was the cornerstone of the approach I took in the webinar. The same principle applies to nearly all marketing videos whether you are trying to sell a car, a box of washing powder or, in this case, tickets for an event.

Hope you enjoy the webinar plus there were some great questions asked by the participants at the end.